Monday, December 8, 2008

SG December party pictures. Part 2.

Nowa seria zdjec z ostatniej soboty. Tym razem aurtorem zdjec jest Karol Grygoruk (Odwiedzajcie


Anonymous said...

the hipster is dead.

Anonymous said...

M.P.T. ;p

Anonymous said...

kickass party, thats what i can say lookin at all of these pics, i'll be sure to hit it when i'll be in warsaw in january

really somethin, guys

and also keep on inviting awesome people, i mean the girl in curls with crazy shiny glasses - WOW, the guy on the pic below, the one with yellow glasses on - WOW again, other ones, god, amazinn, make them visit london!

and you, guys, you should come to uk again, i didnt know that you were visitin london, i would have checked u out live!

but see ya in jan anyway



Sekta said...

Thanks Josie for kind words!
We are doing our best. :)
See you in January then!

av said...

o! własnie!
nie dostałam znaczka!

Anonymous said...

ladne te nasze polskie dzieci sa.

janka said...

polska mlodziez nosi modna odzez

rkf said...

ej "fotograficy" :p
Janka zdjęcia najlepsze!